A Report to My Daughter on My Birthday

It was a pretty decent day. Not the best EVER but pretty decent.


I splurged for Hebrew National bologna. I didn't buy any American cheese at the store but when I got home I found some cheese that had been around since about Halloween. I took it out of the package and derned if it still didn't seem good. Not good in the sense that it actually tasted like....cheese....but there wasn't anything growing on it and that was perfectly acceptable. It was delicious.

Drama at AHS

So you know the beloved Ms. Keefer retired from being the AHS orchestra director in the spring of 2013. It didn't take long for an assistant to be named head director. In this case, it was Keefer's 26 year old son. Other orch. directors in town were unimpressed because this dude just rode in his mom's wake and didn't have any skins on the wall. WELL.....this morning in the paper was the headline "Arlington High Orchestra Director Steps Down." Turns out, he'd been hanging out with students and texting with them even after the principal, my friend Shaveer, formally asked him to stop. I'm sending along the Star Telegram article. Sad bit of business for the Keefer family and a truckload of shit for my friend and all because this son was an arrogant little bastard.

This is a Cool Trick or Maybe I Need to Go to the Hospital

My allergies have been bad. I take an Allegra each morning but at night while I'm settling down to sleep things get bad. I get to wheezing so that when I exhale it sounds like I'm blowing on a harmonica---different pitches and everything. It's that damnedest.

New Book

Based solely on an NPR review, I bought another postapocalypse book and what the hell are they gonna do now?

Dad's Settled In

He's moved out of the hotel and into an apartment with 2 other guys he's known since Afghanistan. Soon another dude will show up and they'll get another apartment at the same place. They'll have an extra room to rent out to short-termers.

XXOO Your Mom