Come on down to Mespotamia

get off your butt and start driving

          Come on down to Mesopotamia where we have the freshest water and the finest invention the wheel.Also we have made are own languge called cunieform.Also Mesopotamia means the land between waters.


Mesopatamia is located between the Tigris and the Euphrates river.It is Northeaster of Syria and Southeastern of Turkey Mesopotamia included Sumer and the Akkadian, Babyloains, and Assiyrians empires. Mesopatamia is in the middle East come on down hurry.

Advanteges of living in Mesopatamia

Living in Mesopatamia is awesome we have fresh water from the Tigris And Euphrates river because of our Irrigartion syestems our water stays clean and fresh.We also have the finest arts we created the wheel also we have made are own languged called cuneiform we have made a bunch of panting and carving in caves come on down and travel through the caves and see some of our amazing art.WE also have stable food food supply we built walls to block water out irrgation syestem as talked about above to grow our crops and we get yummy crops because the water dosen't flood the crops or the sun can't dry the out the crops because we let some of the water out.Also we have many more arts like the ziggurt it it is a building for royal king and queens they made this with arcetecture

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