Civil Rights Timeline

A- Buses in Montgomery, AL are boycotted by African Americans starting with Rosa Parks in 1955.

B- The Alabama Bus System and African Americans in Montgomery.

C- It was a successful peaceful protest that led to a U.S. Supreme Court ruling.

A- Central High School was a school that was forced to desegregate after their non-compliance with the U.S. Supreme Court ruling demanding integration of public schools.

B- Nine African American students who were denied enrollment who came to be known as the Little Rock Nine.

C- It was an important event in the Civil Rights Movement because President Eisenhower called in servicemen to escort the nine students into school which shows how serious he was about achieving equality.

A- The U.S. Supreme Court declared segregation in schools to be unconstitutional.

B- All U.S. citizens.

C- This ruling helped educate children that blacks and whites are equal.

A- The Greensboro Sit-ins were a series of peaceful protests that led to desegregation in a department store chain called Woolworth.

B- Anyone who shopped at or worked at F.W. Woolworth Company.

C- It was a long process of peaceful protests lead by everyday people.

A- Thousands of people gathered to attempt to integrate all of Albany, GA.

B- All citizens of Albany.

C- It set the example for how protests should be executed.

A- Large-scale riot in protest to the enrollment of U.S. Veteran James Meredith.

B- Ole Miss students and 500 U.S. Marshalls who were deployed.

C- Shows that once again, Presidents will send U.S. soldiers to defend blacks.

A- Medgar Evers, an African American civil rights activist, is assassinated.

B- All U.S. citizens.

C- This event sparked more and more will for blacks to fight for their rights.

A- 250,000 civil rights supporters gathered in Washington D.C. to hear Martin Luther King Jr. give a speech in which he calls for an end to racism.

B- Supporters of MLK as well as protesters.

C- MLK Jr. is the face of the Civil Rights Movement and this was his most famous speech.

A- Ku Klux Klan members plant 15 sticks of dynamite in an all black church, tragically killing 4 young children,

B- Families of victims as well as the congregation of the church.

C- No one was prosecuted for the crime until nearly 15 years later which sparked anger in civil rights supporters strengthening their cause.

A- Three civil rights workers are killed while working on the "Freedom Summer" campaign.

B- Civil rights supporters across the U.S.

C- Outrage over this event helped gain support for the Civil Rights Act.

A- During a peaceful protest march, Alabama state troopers beat dozens of protesters.

B- Civil Rights supporters.

C- Injustice launched another march of the same nature.

A- Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated by a white supremacist.

B- The whole nation.

C- MLK's death was the most outrageous death during the entire Civil Rights Movement.

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