DevLearn 2012

I met someone who won an academy award!

Jon Landau
keynote day 1

  What does a movie producer have in common with eLearning professionals?

       We have similar challenges with change management each time we each start a new project

        We’re both producers of media with intent of communicating messages and teaching lessons  within the themes of a story

  We’re continually searching for new ways to innovate… it should be the goal of any product to evoke emotional response.  It’s out of that feeling that people get more and develop brand loyalty

  In the same way that movie professionals (the big ones anyway) innovate in their industry, eLearning professionals also have the opportunity to push the envelope and innovate and tell stories in a similar way he uses to engage audiences

  The movie industry needs people who aren’t afraid to push the boundaries of technology and are not afraid to innovate… each project they tackle find them seeking to separate themselves… being not afraid to try something new.

  We have to believe we an do the impossible… Jim (Cameron) writes his scripts without regard to what’s possible.

  Don’t wait for the technology… if you can come up with the ideas and be ahead of the wave of technology you’ll be on for a long and successful ride

  Think: What would the best eLearning be?  Then go find the people that would make your dream… your vision possible.  (Of note:  Jim Cameron wrote Avatar in 1996… but had to wait a while for technology to catch up.)

  The technologies we put to use on Avatar are now being used across the industry.  And the people who worked on the first project are now industry leaders in their field.

  What we do is create creative content, we don’t create technology.

  Re: new technology adoption… you’re always presented with a new problem to solve… and when that problem is solved it’s then available for everyone else in the industry to follow.

  There has to be a symbiotic relationship between dreams and innovation…

Lifetime experience!

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