What ANZAC means to me.

Marching off to victory.

This was a hard time for my great great grandmother because she had to say goodbye to her husband. (Papa Ernest) Once they started marching they all knew especially papa Ernest, they were all going to march into a whole new world.

Hard working maids 24/7.

Here are some maids who worked very hard around the house where the men go to war. They are not the only women who have been working hard other women have to.

Jack Kirkpatrick Simpson and his donkeys, "The Savior"

Jack Simpsons our saviour for all of the soldiers especially Duffy and other Donkeys. During the war Simpson and his donkey were rescuing men who were wounded in the leg and sometimes head injuries. When he is walking with her s donkey he always whistle and all of the soldiers were amazed it was like he was so brave they didn't even think of the gunfire happening.

Army protection from gunfire.

Here was something to help the soliders in the war which were trenches for some protection from gunfire. While they were in their trenches it smelt yuck so Germany and our troops took a day off war.

Ooh Shiny medals.

These were medals given to my great great grandfather papa Ernest. The medal on the bottom was actually a badge on my grandfathers hat.

Very important symbol of ANZAC'S.

This is a symbol of regeneration because all the men who died in Flanders field all the blood and the men were barried underground, Poppy started to blossom in the next few years.

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