The Seven Themes of
Catholic Social Teaching
By: Quin

Life and Dignity of the Human Person

Respect and care for other humans. Don't start wars and instead.

This organization helps the victims of conflict. They also help the victims of disasters.

Call to family, community, and participation

Help people that are less fortunate than us or others. Create a friendly society.

This organization helps poor countries and helps them have basic needs and more. One of their projects is to give poor countries "solar stoves".

Rights and responsibilities

Help the poor with basic needs like food, water and shelter.

Africare helps people in Africa with growing food and cleaning water. They also strengthen health care.

Option for the poor and the vulnerable

Help the poor. Don't make it seem like just because you have more money that you are so much better.

This organization provides less fortunate people with financial tools that they need.

The dignity of work and the rights of workers

Workers have the right to complain about work conditions and to try and make them better. We need to protect those rights.

This organization convinces companies and individuals to increase health conditions for workers.


Act peacefully and avoid war.

This organization helps the people that were and still are affected by the Vietnam war.

Care for God's creation

We need to protect each other and all of Gods creations.

This organization provides medicine and health care for poorer countries.

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