The Inca Civilization

At first the Inca were a small group of people in an area called Cuzco located in the mountains of southern Peru. In the 1440's they were under the ruler Pachacuti, soon the entire region was under Inca control. They extended their empire, expanding greatly through out many places also including about 12 million people. Young men were required to serve in the Inca army, with almost 200,000 members. Many became under Inca control but local leaders could keep their posts as long as when The Inca came around, whatever they demanded, said or wanted was done or else many would face cruel consequences. Women were known to work around the home , raising children and weaving cloth. While, men did work out side of home and participated in The Inca empire. They created many projects, building many roads and were very successful. They were known as being great, and smart ... their name had an impact.

This is a map showing The Incas territory, which is the dark green coloring on the map right near Cuzco.

These two photos are timelines of The Inca Civilization's history. The second has important dates in The Inca Empire history. But these are the main things that should be known about The Inca's also just great things that happened during the standing empire.

1.)How did they dress?

The Inca's dressed based off of social class. Majority of the Inca's would wear a sleeveless gown that covered most of the body, usually a belt or garment to keep it in place. The gown was made of wool from a llama or alpaca. The wool was also known as a "huasca." The upper class of Inca's would wear the same thing but the gown would be more finer and usually have different bright colors with patterns. Many wore self-made jewelry like; bracelets, necklaces, or medallions that may had been awarded to that certain person. Other accessories were headdresses made of birds feathers that women usually wore.

2.)What did they eat?

Many Inca's ate tomatoes, avocados, chili peppers, corn and several varities of squash. Also squash seeds were eaten in many different ways. Much of the peppers were to give other foods different great flavors.

3.) How many people lived in their civilization?

There was about 12 million people, in the Inca Empire while it was still existent.

4.) How did they keep track of time?

The Inca's told time based off of the sun & moon. So they could tell what time it was by looking at the sky and moon. I don't know exactly how that method works but i'm sure they used it back then when we didn't have digital time or clocks. They were a very smart & intelligent empire.

5.) What kind of Gods did they believe in?

The Inca's had many different gods that they could believe in, also goddesses included. Some of the gods Inca's believed in were Chasca, llapa, Inti, Mama Cocha, Mama Quilla, Manco Capac and many more. I don't think everyone was strictly enforced to only one god. As long as everyone obeyed the Inca Empire leaders.

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