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Diary of Mrs. DeMoss

The wind blew through the prairie and everything was covered in dust. Today I milked our only cow so I could replenish our butter supplies. Due to the drought conditions Buttercup only produced 2 quarts of milk. I poured 1 quart into the butter churn and will save the other 1 quart for my husband and children to drink. This is one of my least favorite jobs as my arms get so sore and tired from plunging the churn stick up and down, up and down. I began churning at 8:00am this morning and am still churning and it is 9:30am, the warm and dry conditions is making the milk difficult to condense into butter. At last, after 2 hours of up and down I have one stick of butter and will use this to make an apple pie.

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3 years ago

I like that you described the setting so well. You made the character come alive by knowing their feelings. I would like to know more things you did that day.