Chains & Thomas Jefferson's Writing on Slavery Connection.

  • In the book Chains Isabelle and Ruth have already been through so much that has changed them into almost different people. When Thomas Jefferson’s writing about slavery mentioned the wolf being held by the ear but unable to hold nor free it safely, Isabel is that of the wolf, she is the one whom to look after her sister, to face even greater challenges because of shocking changes. Her owner, Mrs. Lockton. Unable to free Isabel without a danger towards herself, because of what she had done to Isabel's sister Ruth. “Becky’s face shrank down to the size of a coin. It sounded like she spoke through a long wooden pipe. “Madam was returning in the carriage when I arrived this morn,” she said. “Told me to not worry about the milk spoiling no more, that Ruth was headed to Nevis, sold to a physician’s family.”(pg.133). Due to this piece in the text it somewhat resembles Isabel’s turning point further into what Thomas Jefferson had mentioned of the ‘wolf’. “Madam looked down without seeing me; she looked at my face, my kerchief, my shift neatly tucked into my skirt, looked at my shoes pinching my feet, looked at my hands that were stronger than hers. She did not look into my eyes, did not see the lion inside. She did not see me of me, Isabel. I saw her. I saw all the way down to her withered soul. I walked up two steps. “Did you sell Ruth?” “(-Isabel spoke-)” “You will not address me in that manner.” Her voice shook a little.” (-Madam Lockton spoke- pg.134). This piece of the text from Chains connects what Thomas Jefferson mentions when he says: “wolf”in his writing about slavery is a resemblance towards Isabel and how she compares to the said wolf, after the death of her mother she was the one to look after Ruth, to face even greater challenges. The lion Isabel spoke of in Chains is a similarity of Thomas Jefferson’s wolf because it can neither be safely let go nor held because of Mrs. Lockton’s choice. The picture chosen above is a resemblance to the book Chains and it's character Isabel. Isabel, although she's a slave she still fights for her freedom.

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