Title:tilt or more tilt

Question:what would happen if  we changed the tilt?
Answer:It went faster than it did before with two tilts.
Materials:tilt's,tray,water,ruler,               bowl,types of soil
Hypothesis:I wonder if the water will go faster if we increase the tilt.Our hypothesis was correct  it increased  the tilt it went a lot faster than the tow tilt.
The variables; 1 we are changing the tilt 2 we're observing how much the soil moves from start to fininh 3 we're measuring how much the soil moved in centimeters.
Stay Same:we are keeping how the tray was formed before.
Conclusion:It went faster than it did before with two  tilt's.
Evidence:It went faster than it did with two tilt's  because it was much higher than it did before with two tilt's.
Reasoning;The reason why it went so fast is because with two tilts it was really small,         but with four tilts it was much higher than the one before.So that is the reason why it was so high. Also the reason why is because we poured a lot of water in and the more faster we pour the more faster it will go down.

Before with 4 tilts

Before with 2 tilts

after with 2 tilts

After with 4 tilt.