World Religions: Christianity, by Candice Curlin

Started 2,000 years ago!

Description: Jesus' Cross!

Who started Christianity: Jesus Christ and His faithful group of disciples!

Description: Jesus Christ.

Christianity's beliefs- Although specific beliefs vary from denomination to denomination, all Christians honor Jesus and most believe that faith in his death and resurrection saves a person from the consequences of sin and gives them internal life, they also only believe in one god, Jesus Christ.

Concept of God- Most Christians believe in the concept of trinity: a supreme God, who came to earth in the person of Jesus Christ and is active in the word of Holy Spirits.

Description: The Cross. Religion: Christianity.

The primary sacred text of Christianity is the Bible.

The symbol for Christianity is: The Cross.

The place that they worship is: Church.

Top 10 Holidays.
1.) Epiphany
2.) St Andrew’s Day
3.) Good Friday
4.) Mardi Gras
5.) St Patrick’s Day
6.) St Valentine’s Day
7.) Easter Sunday
8.) Halloween
9.) Christmas
10.) Every Sunday

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