Fathers Day

Eating donuts and coffe

                                                                                                                         17 March 2014

Today, in the school there was an activity with our dads for the fathers day. We were gonna eat donuts from pricemart and drink coffe, and play some games in the multiuso.

6 grade went at 9:30 to the activity with the fathers, the first thing I did was get coffe for my dad and I. Then i got 1 donut of chocolate with white chocolate rays for me and a white with sparkled candy for my dad.

Later we began playing some games. we played word soup, mazes, and the hang men. They were 6 mazes, I made 3 mazes and my dad made 3 mazes. Each one did a easy, medium and a hard maze. 10 minutes after playing mazes we played the word soup and the hang men, eating and drinking donuts and coffe at the same time.

Then the donut and coffe distribuators asked my dad and me if we wanted more donuts or coffe, I told them yes and grabed 2 donuts and2 cups of coffe, in total I drank 3 cups of coffe and 3 donuts.

Lastly time went so it was time to get back to classes, in the house I had a surprise to my dad made by my brother and me. The surprise was a big card telling nice things about my dad. Also we organized a dinner for my dad.