Instagram, it's used by many people but it's not just for selfies.  If you ask a parent or someone who doesn't look at Instagram in a good way they will say that all of those youngsters are taking those darn selfies, but that is more likely to come from older females or males in about their 30's. However, have they seen some of the pictures that photographers post like beautiful scenery or of important milestones in peoples lives like a birth or a marriage?

Even though people do use Instagram for bragging, useless pictures, friends and most people do use it for attention, some people take pictures for friends and family like to know about what is going on in their life.

Only about 4% of pictures on Instagram are selfies, but not all selfies are just to show off. Sometimes the selfies are to notify someone that you were on vacation having some family time.

Some people use instagram to help their buisness by posting pictures of their restaurant or their work space. You can also post interesting facts or features about your buisness like if you are looking for new employees. You can use it for an online menu with pictures if you are trying to advertise a restaurant or what you are selling.

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If someone wants to tell about what is happening in their life to someone who is on the other side of the world, people can post pictures on instagram to tell their friends and family whether they went to the beach or Walt Disney World, etc.

Instagram is a free application and if you want your account to be so only your friends can see it then you can change the setting to private. If you want everyone to see your account and make your account so it is like a blog then you can change the settings to public. Wow! Instagram is fun and it's a multitasking application.

People think Instagram is terrible only because of all the selfies people post on it. They are wrong. Lots of people post selfies for fun because they want to express themselves in a creative way to their friends and family, and that's ok. What people do that is not so good about selfies is that they create an account, and just post selfies to seek attention. Overall more people post selfies to express themselves than to seek attention.

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