Micheal Eggalo

This is a story about an eggs adventure through his life. He tells everything about him that went on through his life. He hope that you really enjoy everything about him.
So, how about we get started!!!!!!
BY: kara little

Hi, my name is Micheal Eggalo. I'm going to tell you everything about me. My Physical Appearance is, I am a huge boy.I’m toughly brave. I am 18-years-old. I am a big egg. I have black hair,blue eyes with freckles. I get mad and angry when something bad happens to my family. I always wear T-Shirt. I’m straight, and I stand still. I am a strong guy, that’s what most people tell me because of my name. I’m bow legged.I also talk slow and always say “Hi!”.

I live in Kingdom with my wife and five children. That’s where I died at,but I went to Heaven. How I died is I got shot by a really strong gun. I graduated from college which is Egg Quarry. I have a talking cat,snake,and horse. A lady also died in the Kingdom, so that means that the house is haunted by the both of us. I’m a handsome and skinny egg. I’m a helpful, calm egg. I’m rich,I have $56.20 billion. I play two sports, Soccer-ball and basket-ball. I once liked BaseBall when I was little, that’s how i’m as rich as I am now. So that is what goes on in my life.


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