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At the launch at Sestri Ponen on September 2 2005 she cost $#450 million (#372 million ,US $ 570)million to build 1,500 cabins 505 with private balconies & 55 with .Direct access to the spa .the ship had 4 swimming pools deck a thalassotherapy .coffee & chocolate bar poolside movie theater on the main deck fitness center gym motor racing .5 spas 4 pools 2 basket ball 13 bars 13 public deck . Top speed 23 knots .The ship was propelled by 2 21 megawatt electric motor .A three level theatre, casino , a futurstic disco ,& a children's. Area a equipped with video game products. 5 on board restaurants ,with clubs 2 level,1,600 m 2 (64,600 sq ft ) the ship was delivered to Costa on 30 June 2006 motor to hotel function like lighting & air conditioning it was 3 football fields long the Costa is twice the size of the Titanic.


Costa Concordia was sinking at 8:00-9:00 a.m. on January 13, 2012 on the cotsa of Italy when it hit shallow water Italy & America had to work together to pull the Concordia out of the water they had to put giant boxes filled with air & water . The owner had to pay more than 800 million dollars .When the Costa hit it is like a shark ate a peace off the ship . It had 1 big funnel its sunk on rocks it had a hull a bow a steam the engineers had to work 19 hours before Costa was declared Costa Concordia was stuck on its side for 2 years January 15 2012.


If the captain was looking nun of this whined would happen again ( what you see down below is a diver by the Costa Concordia in the water by the bell the # 2006.

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