MOST WANTED - The European Hare

Lepus europeaus
By Shiloh Robinson

The European Hare has very long black tipped ears that help with regulating it's body temperature. Such as when it is hot the ears are off the body, however when it is cold it is the opposite to conserve body heat. Like rabbits the hare has very strong, powerful, long hind legs. Both male and females have yellow specks in their, brown-grey furs. But the males are much smaller than the females. The baby hares are much easier to tell because they have a white star on their foreheads.

Crimes Committed:

They gnaw on the bark of young trees and shrubs and chew off the stems of young trees killing or damaging them. They also eat the crops that farmers try to grow, it is possible for them to cause widespread damage.

They are a terrestrial pest

The Europeans brought them over in the North-Eastern states and in the Great Lake Region, so that the could be more spread. They originated in England, Scotland, and Wales

The way they are control is by hunting regulations, they are now used as game. The foxes also help keep their population in check because they do hunt them.

This Map shows where the European Hare is found in the United States

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