Why Are Hurricanes Classified As A Severe Storm?  

They are classified as severe storm because of the damage they can do. There are many historical accounts for this like Hurricane Andrew damaged 100,000 houses.    

How Do Hurricanes Form?  

Hurricanes form from Polar easterlies swirling together with cumulonimbus. Polar easterlies are winds in the poles. Also cumulonimbus clouds are dense clouds that are associated with thunderstorms. The precipitation in a hurricane is extreme rainfall.        

There Are Many Historical Examples Of Devastating Hurricanes.

Hurricane Katrina

  • There were approximately 1,836 deaths in hurricane Katrina.
  • Damaged up to $200,000,000 in property damage.
  • Could not find a probable source for injures.

Hurricane Galveston

  • Between 6,000 to 8,000 people died.
  •    Damage cost was not found.
  • Could not find an amount of injury toll.

Preparing For Hurricanes  

We have done many things to prepare and protect life and houses differently.

House protection

  • New doors and windows that are impact resistant.
  • New fiber cement siding.

Life protection

  • We now have radars on websites like http://www.weather.com/
  • Mandatory evacuation are put in place by their governor.


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