One of the things I like to do is to promote learning.  I will use my blog as a way for me to reflect on my own learning, but I will also use it as a platform for others to get something from it so that they may learn something too.

Tryy Tackk

I know this may look a little random, and I would agree.  I am using something this morning that I just found out about, literally about 15 minutes prior to me typing this out.  

I am using this template from TACKK.COM.  As I watched the video of someone creating one of these, it looked so easy and all I could think about was the possibilities of my teachers and their students using this product in class.  I thought that if it was something that I was going to promote, then I had better try it out first.  So here it first attempt.

It seems pretty easy.  I think that the more you do with it, the easier it will get.  

I just added this photo from the stock photos that come on a computer.

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