The Microwave

What is the purpose of the microwave?

The purpose of the microwave...

The purpose of the microwave is to heat and warm foods when you do not have time to cook or just for a quick meal.

Who invented the microwave?

The microwave was invented in 1967 by Percy LeBaron Spencer.

The original usage of the microwave...

The microwaves original use was to heat and warm food and that is still the purpose today.

Innovations of the microwave...

The first microwave was as big as a refrigerator so the innovators have downsized the microwave a lot!

The microwave is classified under energy and power because all you have to do to get it to work is plug it into the wall outlet. The microwave has impacted society in a positive way because it heats foods fast when people don't have time to cook. The microwave has impacted society in a negative way by giving off radiation in your food and your body.

The science of the Microwave...

There are 4 examples that the microwave was invented through science, technology, engineering, and math.

Science- invented the magnetron

technology- it is an electrical object that is plugged into the wall

engineering- the size of the microwave

math- how far up the microwave can warm and how many watts it has

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by- Raegan and Mary Katherine

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