“To twerk or not to twerk”

The 3-A Big East Conference Encounter between Hunt and Fike high school occurred last tuesday night. Much controversy has arrised concerning varsity girls soccer team caused by the absence of three key players form Hunt’s team and one from Fike’s team. These players had the hard choice of choosing to play in the game or attending the ,sweet gone rebel Disney star, Miley Cyrus’ concert. Comments from online readers of The Wilson Times suggested the girls let down their team by choosing to attend the Miley Cyrus Concert. The author of this article sympathized with the players arguing in their defence. Bringing up some great points which included that these girls are still only High School Players. He claimed too much is being expected from them and that parents now a days focus too much on winning and not on letting their kids appreciate the sport. The Author of this article concluded that we shouldn’t judge these girls on one decision because they are still young and they should be allowed to have some fun before they graduate and have real responsibilities.

My opinion is torn when it comes to this subject because i agree that the game was a big deal for our school and that they are three of our key players but then again i agree with the writer of the article because these girls are young. The game was originally scheduled for Monday night but was rescheduled for Tuesday because of possible bad weather conditions. These girls weren’t planning to let their team down from the start but choices had to be made because of uncontrollable variables. Also this was a once in a lifetime opportunity. These girls are going to grow up and graduate and have real life responsibilities so why not let them have a little fun now. Should there be some consequences? i think so but nothing like kicking the girls of the team.


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