Boys Against Girls
By: Phillis Reynolds Naylor

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This book is about some boys named Peter, Wally, Josh, and Jake. There are also  some girls named Beth Caroline, and Eddie. The boys play tricks on the girls like the girls play tricks on the boys. At this time there is a abagaunchie around that is eating things like chicken. Caroline will do anything to find out and gets trapped in a book store! Also when the boy's parents have the girls and their parents over the abagaunchie strikes again and ate the leftover turkey. My favorite part of this book is when Wally gets trapped by the girls all for a root beer float. It was really funny. Wally is my favorite character. He is the kind of character who doesn't really want to play pranks so he just goes with them because the promise him something that he likes. He loves food!

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3 years ago

I recommend this book highly if you like funny books.