Your Dream House


This amazing house has many awesome things. It is split level so one side is taller than the other. It has no foundation and a front chimney. It has french doors and casmet windows. It is made with bricks. The house looks amazing with all these features. It is  the house of your dreams for sure.


Some inside features are a volleyball court. It is a 16 x 15 court. There are 3 bedrooms. One is an 8 x 10 and one is a 4 x 5. The other is a 5 x 1. All of them can have a TV. The living room is 11 x 14. It can also have a TV.  There is also fire place.   There are 2 bathrooms. One is 6 x 6 and the other is 5 x 6. They both have double sink. The kitchen is a 10 x 6. In the kitchen there is a dish washer and a fridge. It also has a drop - in cook stove and a balcony off the bedroom.