How to prepare for a cataract surgery?

Cataract surgeries are quote common in India. Treatments are almost pain free and you may go home the same day. If you have been recommended a cataract surgery in India, it is important that you prepare well. Here’s a step-by-step post on how to prepare for a cataract surgery in India:


An eye specialist doctor in India may perform a painless ultrasound test to determine the size and shape of your eye. This test may be conducted a week or so before so that right lens implant can be picked for the cataract surgery in India.


Fasting is required in this procedure. So you may be asked for a fast, 12 hours prior to the surgical procedure.


The eye specialist doctor in India may also ask you to temporarily stop taking certain medications so as to reduce any possible complications or risk factors. Inform your doctor well in advance about the medications that you take and diseases that you may have.

Antibiotic eye drops

He may also suggest you an antibiotic eye drop a day or so before the cataract surgery in India. Make sure you do not use over-the-counter eye drops unless informing and taking approval from your doctor.

Postsurgical care

A typical cataract surgery in India may not require you for a hospital stay. So you may leave for the home the same day. But you may not be able to drive properly. So have someone with you who could help you get back home. Also, arrange for help at home as the eye specialist doctor in India may limit several of your activities, such as bending and lifting objects. If you are not staying with family, then call up a friend to stay with you for a couple of days till you resume the normal activities. It is also important that you report any pain or discomfort to your doctor.

Last, but certainly not the least, meet the doctor as and when told. The follow-up sessions help the medical team monitor the progress and treat complications that may arise post a cataract surgery in India. It is also important that the treatment or consultation is sought only from a qualified eye doctor. Today, when you can search for almost anything from the comfort of your home, finding an experienced eye doctor or eye hospital in Delhi NCR is just a few clicks away.

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