• Nickname of element-He
  • Birth date-1868
  • Birth weight-4.002602 ± 0.000002 u
  • Birth height-2
  • Race- Nobel Gas
  • Attending physician-Pierre Janssen
  • Gender- Gas
  • Place of birth- India
  • Personality- -458°F (-272.2°C)

Baby Information

Ultrasound of my Element

Noble Gases


My Elements Family is known for being Nobel gases. And most of the elements are number 2. For example my element (Helium) has an atomic number of  2 and its nearby brother (Neon) is 10. And if you multiply He atomic number by 5 it will equal 10. So it is a number in the 2 multiple section.

What I want to be when I grow Up?

Helium in a ballon to help the ballon float.
Helium in an Blimp to help it lift into the air
Helium in an helium canaster to keep it from escaping.

Id like my element to stay the form it is because it is an important element because we use it to help us in everyday life. And so I will be able to have balloons at my birthday party so the balloons float.

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