The Night Stalker

Details: Between June 1984 and August 1985, there was a serial killer named Richard Ramirez, or The Night Stalker. He killed 13 people, attempted to murder 5 people, sexually asaultd 11, and pulled off 14 burglaries. He was caught because one of his victims saw his car and a teenager wrote down his license plate after noticing the car suspiciously driving around his neighborhood late at night. They found the car abondoned and got his fingerprints from it.

The Mystery: Who was the Night Stalker?


The Victims: He had many victims but I am going to write about his capture,so the victims would be Bill Carns and his fiancée Inez Erickson.

Suspects: There were no suspects until Richard's fingerprints were found on the abandoned car.

Evidence: The evidence would be the fingerprint from the abandoned car that was used to identify Richard as the killer.

Proposed Narrator: I think that this story would be most interesting coming from the perspective of one of the detectives investigating the case.

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