About Glenn Fulcher

Vice President

A resident of Telford, Pennsylvania, Glenn Fulcher remains devoted to his local and national communities through his support of several philanthropic organizations. He supports The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States, and the National MS Society. In addition, Glenn Fulcher has donated to City of Hope and the AMVETS National Service Foundation. For more than two decades, Glenn Fulcher worked for the Coca-Cola Co., serving as a shop steward and employee trustee with Teamsters Local 830. Dedicated to providing a high level of service, he won the Liberty Bell Award for his outstanding service as a salesman and deliverer. In 2003, he earned an appointment as Recording Secretary for Local 830. The following year, Mr. Fulcher attended a Leadership Academy and shortly thereafter became Vice President of Local 830. At present, Glenn Fulcher continues in the position and additionally acts as Business Representative and Trustee, handling matters that affect employee pension funds. Based in Philadelphia, Local 830 represents individuals in a wide range of industries, including soft drinks, brewing, laundry, warehouse workers, and public workers. Glenn Fulcher ensures that all members of the union understand the issues facing the industries that it represents. More information about the union, its initiatives, and its current advocacy campaigns is available online at Team830.org. Outside of work, Glenn Fulcher remains actively involved in the greater Telford community and enjoys maintaining a healthy lifestyle. He strives to follow a nutritious diet, gets exercise by playing a full range of sports, and explores Bucks County and surrounding areas on foot.

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