Glenn Kriczky - Taking Care of Our Environment

Glenn Kriczky - Vice President of Sales

Glenn Kriczky says that we have to start chipping in as a culture to keep our Earth in good shape, by trying to go as green as possible. It's up to everyone to come together and to help keep our home clean and healthy for the future generations. He has always felt a concern for the preservation of our environment and became part of the global green movement in America many years ago. He hopes that by spreading the awareness of problems such as global warming and pollution, people will do more to stop the destruction of the ozone. Glenn Kriczky says that if we don't care about saving our planet today, there will be no future for our children. He says that the Earth provides each one of us with food and life, and then we repay it by destroying its delicate ecosystems and stripping the land of its environment. He says that while human progress can be a good thing, we should try to make sure that we are not damaging the environment in the process. He promotes finding ways to keep our environment safe, so that we can preserve our national forests, and find other ways to recycle.

Glenn Kriczky says that everyone can lend a hand in the going green movement, and that even if the gesture is big or small, everyone can contribute. He says that even the act of recycling your used plastics and paper at home can be a real help towards contributing to the future of our planet. He says that everyone can spend time educating themselves on which household items are reusable can really help aid in preserving our environment. Glenn Kriczky says that we have the ability to clean the Earth's environment and make real progressive by taking it one step at a time, and doing things like recycling, driving electric or hybrid cars and disposing of hazardous chemicals properly.

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