Glenn Sugden

Diversely Experienced Programming Expert

About Glenn Sugden

Throughout his career in programming and software development, Glenn Sugden has demonstrated an in-depth and diverse knowledge of information technology. Dedicated to the industry from a young age, he built early experience as a summer software developer for Scientific American Medicine and Unilink. In both roles, Glenn Sugden created applications and programs targeted at the specific functions of each company's business model.

After serving in his first full-time position with Florastar, Inc. of Watsonville, California, where he created inventory and invoicing tools, Glenn Sugden studied probabilistic neural networks (PNN) as a system analyst with Lockheed Missiles and Space. Focused on applying PNN concepts to defense applications, he created foundational technology for character and speech recognition.

Mr. Sugden then transitioned into the gaming industry as a senior developer with Presage Software, where he created not only game prototypes but also the tools necessary to optimize the user experience. Also the founder of the formerly active Flatline Software of Alameda, California, he now applies his expertise as a co-instructor and tutor at the University of California, Berkeley, where he is studying toward his undergraduate degree.

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