Internet Safety Rules

Watch Out For Them!!

Rule 1: passwords, keep your id password or any passwords safe and secret.

Rule 2: personal information, never give out personal information because people can find out where you live and then it won’t be person you would think it is.

Rule 3: Copy write, don’t take peoples information with out there permission.

Rule 4: don’t make friends online. They could be an adult that act like kids.

Rule 5: photos, don’t share photos of you online. Because people you don't know could see what you look like.

Rule 6: bullying, tell someone if you don’t comfortable when people say things about you.

Rule 7: installing, before you install anything on the computer ask your parents because it could be a virus.

Rule 8: good online person, I will not hurt anyone online or do anything that's against the law.

Rule 9: responding, don’t respond to anything that is mean or stuff that Sais stuff you don’t know.

Rule 10: let know if you come across anything that makes you uncomfortable.

Authors: Fit For a Feast, Lawrence J. Magid, children and young people.

These are important rules for you to follow because if you don't people who are mean and cruel can ruin your life on the internet. they could also come kid nap you. so its very important for you to follow these rules. one reason is people could say something about you and everyone would see it and no one would like you. another reason is cyberbullying. them people could hurt you and make you not want to come to school. These are some of the are some of the reasons why you should follow these rules and how important they are.

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