I love this logo so much honestly it a symbol of family.  A Family of people whoe build cars not just buy them off the lot.  And i think the colors go well with each other.


First of all i love honda there the most amazing cars ever i love them to death.   The logo is so simple yet very creative in a way how they used the red background for the chrome outline.


lakai is my favorite skate brand there shoes are amazing the grip is just outstanding.  and plus the logo is dope. and my friend peter wears them with joy and runs around in his underwear with only the shoes on. because hes all buff.


the xbox loge is simple yet very effective to the eye such a simple ciricle with a random x just dead in the center i think i was creative.


the best logo ever i mean who would have ever thought of using a bear as a logo and making it a successful company to world wide skaters

5 logos i hate


i think the apple logo look like it would offend a specific kind of people.  i think they should have not put a bite mark on it because full apple s are better .


i dont like how they just randomly used a m for there logo because it makes no sense like i mean put the clown as your logo and maybe i would be happier.


i hate lays the logo looks fake they could have done better but i mean i was born year before it was made.  but not much i can do for it now


the logo looks to simple need more work maybe some flare to make it stand out and get more people to but buy there products.


the logo needs work i can barely see it when i see it on my screen maybe if it was blue id like it better

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