There is a little girl who has a mom, dad, older sister, and younger sister.  All of the kids are girls.The girl in the middle dose not like being in the middle. She has an older sister named Alex.  Alex ignores her younger sister a lot. One day her younger sister goes up to her dad and says I don't like being in the middle! Her dad says the middle is the best! Soon after she says you know what the middle is not so bad!

I really like this book because it is really interesting  because I have three sisters and I am in the middle to. So when I read the book I can feel the pain that she has. But after I read the book about what her dad talks to her about. I feel a lot better being the middle child. I really like this book and I can't wait to see what happens next!

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3 years ago

Good summary, J! Did something else happen that let Stevie know that the middle is a fine place to be? Why does Stevie not like the middle? What is her relationship like with her younger sister? Have they started the sister club yet? What is the purpose of the club? I'm so glad that you are enjoying the book. When you tell what you like about it--for example, that it is interesting--make sure you are specific about what you think is interesting. Support your opinion with evidence from the book. If you say that the book has great description, give examples that show what was described well. Be specific about the pain that you mean--being overlooked or having responsibility for the youngest child? Be specific about what you and Stevie have in common.