How can we improve global IT access?

Of the world’s seven billion people, only 2.7 billion have access to the internet.

The vast majority of the 4.3 billion that remain unconnected live in developing countries. The unconnected are typically the world’s poorest and most disadvantaged populations.

Improving access to the internet can bring many wide-reaching benefits.

  • large increases in GDP growth and productivity
  • improved health conditions
  • better education opportunities
  • new ways to communicate and share knowledge
  • enhanced access to financial capital
  • access to new markets
  • better social services

So who's doing something about it?

Google's Project Loon - "Balloon-powered internet for everyone." - "Every one of us. Everywhere. Connected."

The Alliance For Affordable Internet - "We want everyone, everywhere, to be able to access the life-changing power of the Internet affordably."

One Laptop Per Child - "When every child has a connected laptop, they have in their hands the key to full development and participation."

WorldReader - "WorldReader is on a mission to bring digital books to every child and her family, so that they can improve their lives."

Google's Project Link - "Faster, more reliable Internet to the places and people that need it."

Will any of these projects make a difference?