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Global Leadership Week 2017

Celebrate Global Action
Through Education Leadership

The Global Education Conference Network believes in the power of connected, globally competent learners AND leaders of all ages. Let's engage more education leaders and show others what connected global leadership looks like this April!

We're looking for students, school, district, state, national, and international education leaders in addition to non-profit and corporate leaders to join together across the globe to facilitate conversations around globally connected teaching and learning.

Global Leadership Week (GLW) will be a weeklong convening of virtual and face to face events designed to celebrate leadership through global action in K-20 education. During GLW, partner organizations, companies, school districts and individual schools will design and host virtual events for the public at large to showcase global education thought leadership. These public events will be listed on the GLW calendar posted to our website.

Our primary objectives are:

  • to connect global education leaders and organizations and encourage collective action on global education initiatives
  • to elevate the global education dialogue by focusing attention on the urgent need to develop global awareness and competency in students and teachers
  • to provide resources and inspiration for teacher leaders, school leaders, district leaders and state/national/international leaders to further develop global goals and programs within systems.

The Global Education Conference Network is the main organizer and will be hosting an event itself including a face-to-face leadership summit in New York City on April 24th.

Host an Event!

We invite schools, districts, non-profits, and companies to practice and model professional generosity by hosting public events and posting them to our main GLW calendar. These events can touch upon any of the following goals:

  • introduce or elaborate on ideas behind global competence to education leaders
  • showcase globally focused programs, schools, and districts
  • educate fellow leaders about various connective and collaborative tools and resources
  • call attention to the need and importance of fostering global competency in students AND teachers

Be creative when planning your own event. Host a meetup, film screening, book discussion, debate, workshop, Twitter chat or any other activity that will engage and support leadership. All events should take place during the week of April 2-29, 2016.

Join an Event!

Participants will be able to browse our GLW calendar and select an activity or set of activities in which to participate. Stay tuned as our calendar fills between now and April 24th!

Stay in Touch...

Let's see how many participating global education leaders (students, teachers, administrators, non-profits, companies) are connecting globally on during the week of April 24th.  We will list you and/or your organization on our site when you fill out this form if you are attending and/or hosting an event.

If you are planning on attending, make sure you add yourself, your school and/or institution to our participant map, too.

Our event hashtag is #globaled17 and you can find on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube .

Thanks to Our Sponsors!

Many thanks to the people and organizations that make this event possible including our host committee and co-organizers, World Savvy and IEARN-USA . We are grateful to partner with those who believe in our mission to empower globally-minded students and educators.

Host committee members include:




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