Global Marketing

Today, you will be examining Global Marketing a little closer...


You will look at how marketing methods and activities change when conducting business in the global marketplace and how technology has had the biggest impact on global marketing.

In the business world these days, you often hear words like globalization, global economy, internationalism, and fair trade. All of these impact businesses around the world. Whether a company markets domestically or internationally the definition of marketing remains the same. The company does, however, need to broaden its scope to sell in other countries.

Before outlining some of the key factors that affect marketing on a global scale try the practice exercise to see how much you already know.

Step 1: Go to the 4students drive and complete the "Changes" Worksheet (located in the International Marketing folder)

Step 2: Visit the following link and add the terms to your notes. Click here

Step 3: Complete the Assignment below and submit in the IN folder for the class.

Go to the following web site for Procter and Gamble and answer the following questions.

  1. Find five (5) brands of products that Procter and Gamble manufactures and state what country they are found in.
    (Hint) - Go to products and find a global product list.
  2. Go to Procter and Gamble Global Operations found at the bottom on the main page. Click on the Canadian flag to go to Canada, then pick any other two (2) countries and compare what is similar and different between Canada and those other countries when looking at their web site.  Create a chart in Word to fill in as you find your information.
  3. Go to Careers on the Canadian Procter and Gamble website. Once there, select Career Functions. Look over the possible marketing related jobs within this company. Pick one possible job in the categories they have listed. State how that job would be different if you were working in a different country.