Abrahams Lincoln's Assassination

Eleanor Parker

On April 14, 1865,  Abraham Lincoln was shot by John Wilkes Booth, a famous actor and a Maryland native. He and his accomplice David Herold snuck up to the Presidential Box and fired one shot, which hit the back of Lincoln's head. Rathbone, a guest of Lincoln's, rushed at Booth, Booth then slashed Rathbone's arm. He gets Booth to the balcony and that's when Booth decides to jump off the balcony. Booth was caught on the flag by his spur. When he finally fell, he fractured his leg and still managed to escape on horseback. There was a young doctor in the audience who heard the shot and heard Mrs. Lincoln scream.  He ran up to help. When he got up there he noticed that Lincoln was paralyzed and was having trouble breathing. He and some soldiers managed to get Lincoln to a bed that was across the street from the theater. When the surgeon general arrived he concluded that Lincoln was not going to make it and would die during the night. He died at 7:22 am April 15th. On April 21st his body was transported back to Springfield to be buried. As for John Wilks Booth he finds Dr. Samuel Mudd  who treats his leg. After finding out that Booth was responsible for the assassination he told them to leave. Booth and his accomplice traveled back throuph countrysides and lived in swamps. It would be ten days after the night of the 15th and ninety five miles from Washington before Booth arrived at Garrett’s farm where two days later he was captured and killed.


John Wilkes Booth, the one that shot Abraham Lincoln


The assassination of Abraham Lincoln connects to the Appatomoxx, because the assasinaton came five days after Robert E. Lee surrendures his massive army which offically ends the American Civil  war.

This is Fords theater, the presidental box where president Lincoln wa shot


1.) John Wilkes Booth the assassin

2.) shot at Fords Theater

3.) Lincoln died on April 15, 1865

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