Karen Dilworth - Nursing Career

Having worked as a Certified Dental Assistant for over 20 years, Karen Dilworth is not afraid of helping others who are in need. Countless patients have experienced her care in multiple dental offices. Not only in the dental field has Dilworth helped people; volunteering as a sponsor for those individuals who are in the process of overcoming their challenge of substance abuse and addiction. There is no denying that Dilworth has a desire for helping people. It was in her position in the professional dental industry that Dilworth had her compassion for people come out; this has prompted her to believe that starting a career in nursing may be the naturally next step.

Karen Dilworth is a mother of three and an involved grandmother of two granddaughters. She is happy to be part of their lives. Karen Dilworth knows that caring for a person adds value to their life as well as her own. Karen Dilworth wants to help and take care of her family as well as those in her professional life.

Karen Dilworth, experienced dental assistant for more than 20 years, looking for potential openings in the nursing field with a heart for helping others.

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