Bullying should be stopped because it can lead to tragedies such as suicide, self consciousness,and self harm.

Bullying causes these tragedies by giving the person depression and anxiety or increased feelings of sadness and lonelines. In many cases bullying has led to suicide. For example, "In other words, say the Longs, Tyler committed"bullycide," a term increasingly finding its way into the educational lexicon as a result of several teen suicides that were attributed at least in part to bullying. " Tyler is a case where a young teen had been harassed to the point where he commited what they say "bullycide".  Why would someone wanna push somone else so far to commite suicide

Bullying most likely happens in elementary through high-school. Bullying can happen in many ways. For example "one out of every 3 students between 12 and 18 years of age claim to have been bullied ". No one should have to through Bullying or such pain.

Society can prevent Bullying by teaching kids on how to treat eachother equally with respect. Parents usually are the reason why their kids bully based on what they see or are taught. School should be a safe environment for everyone. Society needs to take a larger role in stopping Bullying by taking action.

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