“When angry, count 10. before you speak; if very angry, 100.”

Thomas Jefferson

I Believe

I believe in the in pitching strikeouts,

the more you pitch the better you get,

the more you get later in the game the more nervous you become,

the excitement you feel in the last inning of a no hitter,

the happiest you feel at the end of the game winning,

that you can do anything,that you have to work as a team to get far, you don’t need to give up before a game is over,

But I don’t believe in people getting into arguments on the same team.

I believe in the crack of the bat,

I believe in running everything out,

I believe in trying your best,

I believe in practicing hard, having big at bats,

And I believe in that it is not impossible to hit the ball hard.

My Person Credo

“When angry, count 10. before you speak; if very angry, 100.”

The reason I choose this is because I sometimes I become very angry and most of the time

I don’t think of what I say and I need to count down to calm myself down. Sometimes this

helps me a lot on the baseball field, when like a umpire makes a bad call, or when I get

out, I have to count to ten to not have a bad attitude and bring down the team.

With my bad attitude, I adopted this credo when I just got out of a ball game and

wouldn’t do anything. The coach walk up to me as the team was running onto the field, he

said whenever you get angry again use this quote. “When angry, count 10. before you

speak; if very angry, 100.” I thought about it for a minute and tried it. After that I started

to calmed down.

If I calm down it will be important for me to stick with these beliefs, I could always help

my team and never have a bad attitude. This belief is important to me because if I didn’t

have it I probably be angry right now but I remember the quote.

If I remember the quote and never forgot it I actually don’t think my credo will change as

I get older because I’ve always used it. I see it evolving now because as I get older, I see

how much it calms me down. One action that might change my credo if one day I get so

angry that if it don’t work I wouldn’t know what to do. This credo will shape my future

because if I don’t count to ten I may become even more upset to start a fight and then get

suspended so that could shape my future in a huge way.

By Storm Mace

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