Brighton Beach Memoirs

The Great Depression  By: Fabiola Najera

The Great depression was an economic breakdown which lasted up for many years from 1929-1940, the great depression wasn't just one thing it was actually a serious of events. This all began by a over-confident stock market. Mainly all the people that where affected by the great depression was all the farmers & workers, because everyone lost there jobs.The Great Depression lead to people losing their jobs, but mostly people had farms so it didn't really matter until in 1934 some really heavy winds also known as the dust bowl destroyed many houses and farms. The Great Depression didn't end until Roosevelt was voted president and came a up with a deal that was called the new deal that lead to many programs opening and helping the economy.

Colleges in the 1930's

The college that is perfect for Eugene has to be Hamilton College. Hamilton college is known for their amazing creative writing program which gives a lot of hands on projects. The tuition is back in the 1930 was from 200-450 which in reality isn't that much. The lifestyle back then was pretty cheap, but not that much the rooms cost about $520 and then you had the books that cost about $45 and all other expenses added up to $200. I would say that the major difference between colleges from back then to know is the price today college ranges in the thousands. The mascot for Hamilton college is a character version of Alexander Hamilton.

The cost of gas was .10 cents per gallon and mostly all the food was in cents for example a hamburger $.10,beef $.22(per pound),and cheese was $.24(per pound).The cost of buying a new car is about 3,000 to 5,000. one of the prices in the 1930 that i thought was very surprising is the cost of a purse they only cost $1.00 nowadays they cost from $100-200. The prices that you see know have changed so much know as you can see, but maybe there a little to cheap.

Stan's Apology Letter

Dear Mr.Strohiem,

I am writing this letter to truly say sorry about what happened on Saturday. I don't remember what got over me, well i do ,but i was just standing up for my principles.Truly i promise that it wont happen again. Kicking the dirt on your shoes was really inappropriate and wrong of my part so once again sorry.

MR.Strohiem i believe that i should be hired back,because of all the abilities i have. To start off  with i'm always on time,always behave and do what is told of me.Mr.Strohiem my family is going through some really tough times and they would be really dissapointed with me. This job is really important to me and i really don't lose a job that i really care about.

Furthermore i am very sorry about what happened and i can assure you that it will never happen again, i hope this letter helps.


Jersey Boys

The musical jersey boys opened in 2005 since then has had many tours. The prices of the tickets are up to $147-107 which is really expensive.

Interesting facts

-in 2006 they won 4 tony awards

- the story is based on a music group that broke up  the band was called four seasons

-the members of the band (four seasons) all had criminal records

- they have their own theater named the Jersey Boys theater.

-two members of the band where brothers.

Brighton beach review

the book Brighton Beach Memoirs is very fun and dramatic. the reason i happen to like this very much is because of all the humor that it has and how it shows how the family is very close to each other.My favorite character in the book is Stanley because he reminds me a lot of myself like one day ill do something good and the next day ill completely mess it up. My favorite thing overall about this book is the connection that Stanley and Eugene have with each other like some day's they could be best friends and the next day they completely hate each other but they will always have each others back. The reason people should read this book is because its something simple but with really big meaning all about how such small things can happen in between a family and it could all end up in bad places. Overall its an amazing play