By Kincaid Callahan

Map of Venice,Italy

Ever  wanted to see a very unique WATER TOWN?  well now,you can.  take a walk through history(and water)in Venice,Italy!  Hear the ocean waves as they splash onto the islands!  Ride a Gondola and feel the calm breeze in the Grand Canal.  Take a blast to the blast to the past in the historical Museo di Storia Naturale di Venezia(Natural History Museum of Venice.)

What to do...

Become a knowledge freak in one of the many museums of Venice.Learn the ways of the Italian cooking in a cooking class! Become a relaxation expert at one the famous gondola cruises.get some exercise and learn something new in one of the famous Walking Tours!Become the jack of all trades by doing ALL of these!!!(note.these are only some of the wonderful things to do in Venice.


Venice is in Italy,meaning you should learn some Italian on the way or use a translating application.

Venice has a humid subtropical climate,so bring light clothes

If you are coming from America,the trip to Venice can be rather expensive,and Venice is a large city with great food and lots of museums,so it is best to save up some money before going to Venice.

always be careful not to sink like a rock.there is lots of water in Venice

Part of the famous "S" shaped Grand Canal

Freshen up on your history right here!

Venice was founded in the year 421 A.D. it is now a city that spans across an  of 117 islands,all connected by bridges.all the early buildings were built on wood platforms,so it is likely to maybe see a board sticking out from under a you have some knowledge to pack,so better get another bag!

Venice is located at the northeastern part of italy

How to get there and where to stay,you may ask.If you are coming from America,you will need to take a plane to venice or an airport near it.

fast facts:Get to know these and you will feel proud of learning something new

Venice lies on an archipelago of 117 islands

Some of Venice is know literally floating on water

Venice has 170 bell towers! WOW!

The fabulous grand canal splits the town in two

some of the lesser-known museums can be great

I assure you that if you are an adventurer, history lover,or water lover,Venice will be a hoot!There are lots of fun things to do and they are all so exciting you may want to stay forever and eat at all the restaurants and see all the (many) canals.You will be mesmerized by the beauty of the ocean.You will forget all your troubles and concerns.You will have a blast in Venice,SO pack your bags,grab this here brochure,run like a cheetah to your local airport,and GO,GO,GO to Venice, Italy!!!

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