What is a Sugar Glider?

Well you are about to find out

A sugar glider in flight

When you hear "sugar glider" you might be wondering what is that. Well These little creature are commonly found in Australia and have recently become a huge exotic pet fascination in the states. They are classified as marsupials, these animals are most commonly known for having a pouch to carry their young. The sugar glider can easily be broken down by its name, they love sweets and can glide far distances with their extra skin under their arms.

Sugar gliders can come in many different color patterns but stay within the shades of gray for the most part. I will give you some facts about sugar gliders below.

  • Sugar gliders in captivity have been known to live for 10-15 years.
  • Sugar gliders eat just about anything from bugs, fruits, nuts, and even bird eggs.
  • Sugar gliders are social animals that bond by scent and live in colonies, don't own just one because it can get depressed and even harm its self from the loneliness.
  • Sugar gliders can make some cute and intimidating sounds. Check these videos out on some of the different noises they make.

Sugar Glider Anatomy

A sugar gliders body is quite unique. They have similar body parts to many different species of animals. Here I will explain some of their body to you.

  • Sugar gliders have opposable thumbs... on hand AND FEET! This helps them to climb and grasp things in ways most other animals cant.
  • Sugar glider tails are used to help with gliding, they throw it around to balance the direction they want to glide.
  • Sugar gliders have large eyes like lemurs because they are nocturnal and gain extra light sensitivity from the smallest source to see.
  • Sugar gliders have two very long bottom teeth that can easily reach the bone of a human finger if used to bite, the top row of teeth are similar to a humans row of teeth.

I hope you enjoyed learning about Sugar Gliders. Come back often to see new content and information!

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