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Devan Tavares
Ms. Berrisford

The main character in Monster is Steve. Steve is a believable character. I the reader can connect with him because he talks and acts like a normal teenager. What's unique about this character is that he hangs out with a group of punks who seem to belong in a prison, however, he seems very different. He seems to be more of a kindhearted person with a soft personality.

"A preacher came to the recreation room with a guard this afternoon. He asked if anyone wanted to talk with him or share a moment of prayer. Two guys said they did, and I was just about ready to say I would."  pg. 61

"I want to look like a good person. I want to feel like a good person because I believe I am. But being in here with these guys makes it hard to think about yourself as being different."  pg. 62

These quotes show that Steve wants to be and feel as if he's a good person among the wicked surrounding him. He craves acceptance in a society that has deemed him as a monster.

A character in this story that I believe will cause a problem for Steve is Karyl (lawyer). I feel Karyl is very persistent on winning her case and proving that Steve is guilty.

"They're saying you pulled the trigger. King said the score was over but you turned back and shot Nesbitt. Why did you do that? I can't figure it."  pg. 71

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