Block it Up!
by: Emily P, Sara J, and Hannah Y

Campaign Proposal


Students who are actively passionate about school but are bombarded with homework and classwork. These students want to convince the community to change our ordinary schedule into something better!


This campaign will motivate, encourage, and bring together students, parents, and teachers to vote towards the school board to enforce block scheduling. WIth Block scheduling enforced, students will be able to focus  on a certain class enabling them to a better grade and understanding. Teachers will be able to give students more time and opportunities in their class and it will also allow them to plan more accordingly for because of the less classes they have to teach each day.  It will also be beneficial to the parents because they do not have to worry about their students health and they will be given the opportunity to spend more time with their kids.


High school teachers who will benefit from having more time to teach students and have more time to attentively plan their lesson plans

High school students who will benefit from having more time to do homework for each class and will benefit from having less stress because of having to much homework in each class

Parents of high schoolers who are active in helping their child do their best in school but still want to be able to have free time to spend with them.


Ad 1: commercial by Sara James

Targeted Audience:

High school learners

Ad placement and reasoning:

This ad will be on mtv and mtv 2 from 5:00pm to 9:00pm. Study shows that 80% of kids that go to the high school watch mtv and mtv2 between those times. This ad also be in qr codes placed around the school so kids can scan the code and watch the commercial when ever they want. The link to this commercial will also be posted on social media and 98% of high school students have some sort of social media account.

Propaganda techniques:

In the television commercial slogan and bandwagon is being used. With band wagon the audience is more likely to get on board with what is being said because they are being told that everyone else is doing it and they don't want to be the odd one out so eh are likely to go along with what is being suggested in the commercial. With a slogan the idea that is trying to be messages across is more likely to get stuck in their head and they will remember it easier. When it gets stuck in their head they will most likely conform to what they remember and buy or do whatever the slogan is suggesting.

Ad 2: Newspaper Article By Emily

Target Audience:

Parents of students that attend Coppell High School

Ad placement and Reasoning:

This newspaper article will be put in the Coppell Gazette which is the local Coppell newspaper. Many parents in coppell read the Coppell Gazette everyday so they are likely to see the advertisement.

Propaganda Techniques:

In this newspaper article I used bandwagon and testimonial. Bandwagon is used to inform the parents that many schools across the country are switching to block scheduling and it makes the parents feel more comfortable with the change if they know that CHS will not be the first school to use block scheduling. Testimonial is used to help persuade parents to vote because when they read things that were said by the principle and other school board members they will trust them more because they are important people. If the CISD board members are on board with the change, the parents will agree with it as well.

Ad #3: Poster by Hannah Yao

Target audience:

High school teachers

Ad Placement

The posters will be digitally emailed to the teachers and printed so they can be seen around the school building. The posters will be hung all over the school but mainly around the teachers lounge, office and entrance doors. These are the places that all teachers typically go or pass by during the school hours so it ensures that majority of the teachers will at least acknowledge and read the poster.

Propaganda Techniques

In the poster, slogan is used to promote voting for the teachers towards the school board. The catchy phrase is memorable causing teachers to remember the overall purpose of the campaign. The motto can connect and appeal to high school teachers who want change our seven period schedule to a block scheduling. It will also have the enforcement for our educators to go out and vote for a better change.

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