Daisy Ramirez

Period 3

Honors History


Communism Through History


-Karl Marx is know as the father of communism throughout history. This idea was first seen when the Industrial Revolution was occurring in Great Britain. As factory owners became richer the gap between the poor and the rich widen even more.

- Marx stated, "that man lived in a state of nature that forced man to struggle for survival. To succeed in this struggle, men formed relationships with those who had similar interest, resulting in the formation of classes. According to Marx, the two classes that would fight this revolution would be the proletariat which were factory workers and the bourgeoisie who were factory owners and middle class. Also, Marx did not believe we needed a government to lead us because everyone had the power to rule themselves.

- Once the revolution happened Karl thought that these two groups of people would now get along. The logic behind this idea was that since the revolution was to improve the working conditions of the proletariat's then everyone would be pleased.


- It never really crossed Lenin head that he would become the Father of the Russian Revolution as later named by his followers. Lenin began his quest towards revolution after his older brother was assassinated by the Czar for political reasons. After his brother passed away Lenin began to read information his brother left behind and began to see how his brother actually had a point. As Lenin began to spread his ideas the Czar saw him as a threat and he fled to western Europe.

-At the time Russia was not only involved in their Revolution but they were also apart of World War One. Due to the troubles they were having in Russia the citizens wanted to leave the war but eh government did not agree with them. As a result, the citizens revolted and Lenin was thrilled to hear this but at the same time it made him sad that he was not in Russia to lead the revolution so he returned.

-Lenin was now in control of Russia and gave it citizens more freedom. Peasants were now able to sell their surplus crops for their own use without giving their gains to the government. He also allowed for small businesses and factories to open up.

- Even though Lenin was greatly influenced by Karl Marx, they had some differences. Marx said that the revolution would be lead by the peasants where as Lenin did not find that the peasants were qualified to lead it and needed an extra push. Another difference between the two was that unlike Marx, Lenin said we needed a stable government, but the people would still have some power.



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