My Emotions

                                                7.MEH.1.1     By: Demoni Burroughs 2/11/15

When my family and I get together and hangout makes me happy.

When my friends come over and we talk about embarrassing things that has happened to us.

When I'm sad my best friend comes and make me feel better.

When my brother is struggling with something and I come and help him. Makes me feel helpful.

When my uncle died because him and I was very close.

When my mom and dad told me that its okay that my uncle died because he is in a better place now.

When I do something right or a good deed in a restaurant or in a store or when I return something thats not mine makes me feel important.

When my parents yell at me for no reason makes me feel angry.

When I didn't make the basketball team the first time my mom and my dad told me to just to work harder and not to give up.

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