By: Riley Berkland and Ryionna Perry

What is it?

Meningitis is a disease that makes the tissue around your spinal cord and brain swell.

What causes it?

Meningitis strikes in two different forms. The first and most common form is through a virus. This kind is caught more often and easier but is less dangerous. The second type is from a bacteria called meningococcus, which is deadly.


The symptoms for Meningitis are very close to the flu, that is why it is many times over looked and becomes so deadly so fast. The symptoms are:

* Stiff neck

* Headache

* Fever

* Light Sensitivity

* Drowsiness

* Joint Pain

* Vomit

* Confusion

* And rashes

How can i prevent it?

The ways to prevent Meningitis are to:

* Don't share water bottles

* Don't share lip balms

* Don't share used utensils

* Wash your hands often with warm water and soap, let the soap sit on your hands for 20 seconds

* Eat healthy

* And get lots of sleep

Some more facts

* Most of the time people have to get different parts of their body amputated, or removed to get rid of the disease.

* If the disease is caught early it can be treated by antibiotics.

* Meningitis is mainly caught in West Africa and is extremely contagious. It is caught from physical contact like kissing, coughing, sneezing, etc.

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