Gabby Gudehus

LDL- Carries cholesterol and its by product is a plaque that can build up in the arteries.

HDL- This helps carry LDL from the arteries, it carries it back to the liver.

The structure and function of LDL is 50% cholesterol and only 25% is protein, it carries cholesterol to cells throughout the body.

The structure and function of HDL is only 20% cholesterol and 50% protein, it carries cholesterol away from the heart and other organs, and deliver it back to the liver.

Doctors tell their patients to maintain their LDL and HDL levels because if they aren’t balanced than it could lead to heart disease. THat is how LDL and HDL relate to heart diseases, because LDL could cause back ups in the arteries.

Total cholesterol and Triglycerides are also measured with LDL and HDL by doctors when taking a cholesterol test.

You can use the results of your cholesterol test to predict your lifetime of 10-years of risks of a heart attack and other issues.

To help get a healthy balance of HDL and LDL you can decrease the fats and cholesterol in your diet, and exercise daily, you want to get rid of fats, because they cause build up in the walls causing heart attacks.


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