Get to Know a Scientist

STS Project  (35 points)

What is Tackk? An interactive site which allows you to customize and share information  Simply click and start typing. There is no login required. It's just like tacking a flyer to a telephone pole.  Tackk messages last 5 days once they are posted.

Project Outline:
Choose a scientist.  
Learn about what he or she did.
Learn about about their life.

  • You must include EACH of the following in your tackk to earn full credit.  (35 points)
  • WHO:  What is their name?  (2 points)
  • WHEN:  Give some important dates.  When were they born and when did they die?  (4 points)
  • WHAT:  Why are they famous?  What did they do?  Explain this IN YOUR OWN WORDS! (4 points)
  • COUNTRY:  Where are they from?  Where were they born?  Where did they grow up?  Where did they study?  Where did they do their scientific work?  (4 points)
  • EDUCATION:  Where did they get an education?  What is formal (in school, or did they learn on the job)?  (2 points)
  • FAMILY:  Where did they grow up?  What was their family like?  DId they have brothers or sisters?  Did they get married or have children?  (3 points)
  • AWARDS:  Did they receive any?  Were any awards named after them?  Were any big items (schools, bridges, etc..) named after him/her? (3 points)
  • OTHER:  Find something else that's interesting about this person.(2 points)
  • IMAGES:  Include at least 4 images. (4 points)
  • CITATIONS:  Include a citations section and properly cite ALL sources used - those used for text and also those used for the photos.  You must have at least 3 valid sources of information. (4 points)
  • PRESENTATION:  Use proper grammar and spelling.  Make the tackk attractive.  Use some color.  Provide the information in a logical, visually appealing manner. (3 points)
  • TURN IT IN:  Share your tackk and send your teacher the tackk address right away.  The tackk only lasts for 5 days, so be prepared to turn it in promptly.  You may also print your tackk if desired.

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