library- reading,learning, and teaching.
department of motor vehicles-driver license, instruction permit, and vehicle registration.
bank-deposit money, lend money, and offer financial aid.
admissions office-get admitted, know policy and rules, know laws
day care-provide care, education, and prep for kindergarten.
gym-get active, maintain health,
and improve strength.
auto dealership-purchase a car, service, and/or repair.

Then they go to college to learn more about anything.
They find a part time job.
They can make money to support themselves and others.
They can go to college to get a good job.
They can get a used car to get there and home.
(Ex: 2009 Hyundai sonata)
They can go to the store every Friday and get what they need in their dorm room.
They can go to college and get a degree from it!
When they graduate from college, they can get married and have their first home and car(s).
They can also have children if desired.

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