My Boss is My Santa Claus This Christmas

The season of gift-giving is fast approaching. As early as October, people in Singapore can be seen securing gifts for their friends and relatives. Aside from this, members of the workforce are also in the active pursuit for items that can be used as personalized corporate gifts for their workmates. The practice of offering gifts to co-workers is an accepted custom in Singapore since it signifies a harmonious workplace where the members foster teamwork and camaraderie. Some employees in the metropolis, on the other hand, are very fortunate to receive annual holiday gifts from their bosses. Regardless if they belong to the rank-and-file or managerial class, these office workers are all recipients of Christmas gifts from their Santa bosses. Asked whether the notion of Santa boss is appropriate, business experts have revealed four relevant points of discussion regarding this matter.

The business etiquette. Professors of MBA's, company leaders and seasoned business writers all agree that is acceptable for bosses to provide holiday gifts to their subordinates. Business etiquette procedures actually promote this activity since the provision of presents to employees during Christmas will increase their sense of belongingness in the institution. Business owners and stakeholders are therefore encouraged to act as one in giving out small tokens of appreciation to their workers during the holiday season. In contrary to this, experts emphasize that ordinary employees are not obliged to provide premium business corporate gift to their bosses because such act may be only backfire negatively on them.

Gift value. Bosses in Singapore need not to procure pricey items as Christmas presents to their workers. Experts actually said that a 10-dollar value, on the average, is enough per employee. This low price is recommended especially for large corporations with more than 100 employees. Conversely, start-up companies with less than 20 workers are another story. Leaders of these new businesses must exert more effort in making their people feel valued. Earning the loyalty of the employees through holiday gifts will certainly benefit a small-scale company in the long run.

Timing distribution. Gifts must be given by bosses simultaneously to all employees. This can be done during the company party or team-building activities. To include an element of surprise, others suggest that managers should place their gift packages on the desks of their employees before the work schedule starts. Timing is of particular importance in order to ensure that no employee will be left out. Once this happens, the forgotten employee who will go home with no gift from the supervisors will surely feel unappreciated.

Gift forms. Santa bosses can use gift cards, movie passes or discount coupons as gifts to their employees. Another set of items that can also be used includes memory devices, computer accessories, handphone trinkets, travel bags and planners. These items can be purchased in bulk from reliable shops which also allow the incorporation of the company’s brand name.

Receiving gifts from the company leaders is one of the most satisfying things that an employee can experience. Bosses must therefore analyze the ideas mentioned in this article to help them create a healthier and happier environment for their respective companies.